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NowModern is a Canadian-owned online retailer that strives to provide you with exceptional quality and service.

Our European-inspired collection is chosen from designers around the world, featuring contemporary, clean design and sizing compatible with today's smaller living spaces. We draw from more than 30 years of retail furniture experience to ensure you get style and quality at low prices. By doing our own quantity importing direct from factories, we can save you up to 30% compared to retailers who buy from wholesalers. Find out more ...

NowModern wants you to be completely satisfied with every purchase you make from us. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, return it for a refund. Find out more...

Bar Stool Buyer's Guide

With a wide variety of styles designed to suit different room environments and personal tastes, it can be a challenge to know what bar stool is right for you. Should you choose fixed- or variable-height? Backless or backrest? Are there any height and width limitations?

Read our Buying Guide
to learn about five considerations which will help you choose the bar stool that is most suitable
for you. Location influences your choice of design and materials. Do you need a stool for a kitchen or a living area? Find out more ...

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    Looking Back at the History of Furniture

    Furniture has become an integral part of our lives and you probably can’t imagine yourself living without a single piece of furniture around. Where exactly did furniture originate and how did it evolve? What was the first piece of furniture ever to have been made and where is it now? These are questions you may not know the answer to and which this article is about to explore.
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  • Qualities of the Best Interior Designers

    Qualities of the Best Interior Designers

    As paying customers or clients of professional services, surely you would want to land the best products and service providers each time you need them. It’s not just because of prestige that may come along with the brand or company name, but also because of the promise of superior product and/or service quality.    

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